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Copyright vs Usage Right

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Do you own the rights to your listing photos and videos?

What is the difference between a copyright, a usage right and what is RIGHT vs WRONG?

We're breaking it down for you below!

COPYRIGHT The definition of a copyright is the exclusive right to make copies, sell or market works of art, music and literature. Copyright is defined as obtaining the exclusive right to sell and distribute a piece of art, literature and music.

For example: When we take your photos or video we own the Copyright to all media. We are committed to protecting the interests, intellectual property rights, and livelihood of our company, photographers and clients. We have a Copyright Team that uses a system of finding our images on the internet, and finding out if those images were paid for by the user.

 We license our images for our client’s marketing use...

which brings us to usage rights...

USAGE RIGHT The owner of a copyright, or creator, can license an image to as many people as they'd like. If the owner wants to license the image to more than one person, then they would be granting non-exclusive image usage rights.

For Example: The clients who directly pay us for the images are the only ones with the temporary rights to use the images for their marketing purposes unless otherwise stated with written consent from us. Any and all image usage right you purchase from us are non-transferable and cannot be given away, bartered or sold.


Here is how these laws benefit you as a realtor

when you invest in your marketing and brand!

For your protection!

  • We want to protect the marketing investment you made.

  • If your seller for some reason switches realtors, your seller can not give to another realtor. 

  • Usage rights are much more cost effective than copyright.  By purchasing usage rights, you can use the photos for all of your marketing effort more affordably

  • Homes change when the seller moves out and the buyer moves in.  If you were to resell that home again in a few years, you would want new photos – usage rights make getting new photos more affordable AND more effective in your marketing effort

  • Prevent another agent from stealing your photos & your marketing ideas.

  • Want to give the photos to your seller?  Purchase a photo book, branded with your information, after the sale! It will be a keepsake instead of photos lost on a computer.

Disclaimer: we are not lawyers and this email should not serve as official legal counsel.

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