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Get the Most Out of Your Photo Shoot with these Inside Tips

We want you to get the most out of

your photo shoot with us! So we are sharing some inside tips.

Check out this checklist for a great photo shoot!

  1. Plan ahead and schedule at least a week in advance! Our schedule fills up fast in the busy season (March through September). Sometimes we can be a full week out for our next available appointment. Mondays are our busiest days!

  2. Place your order online! We get busy and make mistakes so it’s best if we have all of the info in writing!

  3. Have a backup plan for bad weather. We can’t photograph the exterior of a home in the rain.

  4. Review our “Preparing your home for Professional Photography” with you seller so they know your expectations for great photos and what to do prior to our arrival! (include link to this)

  5. Have your seller corral their pets prior to our arrival. Safe places to keep pets are in the garage or unfinished areas of the basement. Better yet, have the seller take the pets for a ride while we are there! This is great practice for showings!

  6. Communication is key! Let your photographer know in advance if there are areas of the home that you want special attention. Remember, we typically do not photograph unfinished areas like basements and garages or the inside of closets so let us know if you want pictures of these areas. It’s also helpful to comment if there is a finished basement or attic. Tell us a little about the home – square feet, # of bedrooms/baths, farmette, acreage or McMansion - so we schedule enough time.

  7. Encourage the seller (and the entire family) to get out of the house for the photo shoot. If the family is away during the shoot, it goes much faster and is less stressful for everyone! Also with Covid concerns, less contact is best!

  8. For the best results, attend the photography session! We would love to see you! It’s easier to tell you to get rid of something than the seller who loves their home (and their stuff). Arrive a few minutes early and make sure the seller did their homework, get the lights on and ceiling fans off.

  9. Set the expectations with your seller that we will be in the home about 30 minutes or less (not the entire afternoon). To help avoid price increases, it’s important that the house is ready.

  10. Traffic and accidents happen! We do our best to be prompt but we sometimes will arrive a little early or a little later than our appointment. We will text the agent if our schedule changes.

  11. Kindly give plenty of notice (at least 24 hours hours, preferably 48 hours) if you need to cancel or reschedule. We try to avoid charging cancellation fees.

  12. Try to be flexible if we call and ask to adjust your scheduled time. We try to avoid downtime in the middle of the day due to last minute cancellations.

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