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Three Minute Marketing Tools - Social Media Tiles

Did you know we have several social media templates with endless options?! Our social media tiles are made instantly from the photos and information in the property. You are also able to easily customize the colors and wording to fit your marketing goals in a matter of minutes!! Check out just a few examples of editing options below!


Color Scheme

Edit the color scheme to match your brand!


Edit your marketing message!

Change the text and font to fit your marketing goals! The options are endless!


Switch up the photos!

No extra uploading and downloading! All of your images are already in there for you to quickly choose from!


HOW TO ACCESS YOUR SOCIAL TILES: 1. Go to your account 2. Choose your property 3. Go to the marketing kit 4. Choose your tile……download and go (if you like what is generated). If you want to customize the colors, font, text, photos, etc. 1. Choose edit 2. Use drop downs to change photos, colors, etc.

Stay tuned for more three minute marketing tools to help save you time so you can sell more listings!

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