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Do your Facebook Ads keep getting REJECTED?!

Optimizing Facebook Ads can be tricky for anyone, but even more so for real estate agents with the list of restrictions when it comes to housing ads. Most realtors are still not using effective Facebook ad campaign strategies with Facebook's regulations and rules when is comes to real estate advertising and nothing is more frustrating than getting that "Your Ad Was Rejected" email! If your Ads keep getting rejected here are a few possible reasons why!

- “Your ad contains too much text.” - Facebook recommends using images that 20% or less of the graphic / video contains text. “This ad can’t ask a question or make an assumption about a user’s personal attributes.” - Ads shouldn’t contain text that insinuates something about a users’ personal attributes, especially related to religion, age, race, ethnic origin or financial status. “Update Website URL(s)“ - Make sure you have a working URL for your call to action. Facebook will reject your ad if your URL isn’t working, or if it brings them to an innacurate website that does not have anything to do with the ad.  “Become authorized to run this type of ad” - Are you authorized to run ads under the 'Special Ad Category'? This category of campaigns has some limited audience targeting options. From Facebook, Referring to Ads about credit, employment or housing opportunities: "Certain targeting options aren't available for ads in special categories; this includes Lookalike Audiences. However, to help you reach people who may be interested in your ad, you can create a Special Ad Audience, which will create an audience based on similarities in online behavior and activity but that does not use certain categories, including age, gender, ZIP code or other similar categories."

(Stay tuned for more information on Facebook Advertising in our 3 Part Facebook Series)


Need help getting started with Facebook Ads?

We are excited to announce we have recently partnered with an online digital marketing company to help get your properties in front of the right audience ONLINE (and you can now order these services directly from our order form)! 

We now offer Facebook Advertising and Social Media Posting!!

When done correctly Facebook Ads can be precise and target your message / listing to show to your ideal customers and you get results that deliver leads! 

Paired with our online marketing kit you have all you need to virtually sell your current and future listings ONLINE!

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